It’s time to leave the city and head for the countryside

It’s time to mix things up a bit. Agora launches various contests throughout the year with an emphasis on architecture, modernity and city living, however, what if there was a contest purely focused on the lives and surroundings of those who live rurally?

Well know there is because this Friday 13.11.20 for the first time ever #Rural2020 will be launching on Agora.

With there being no previous editions, and therefore Finalists and winners, of this photo contest, the Agora Team have put together a selection of relevant photos to get your creative juices flowing and inspire ideas for your submissions.

Check them out and best of luck once Friday arrives!👇

Photo by @jorgebacelar, Portugal

Photo by @emxpi, France

Photo by @priyowiddi, Indonesia

Photo by, Switzerland

Photo by @wmr.valdez, Dominican Republic

Photo by @fdilekuyar, Turkey

Photo by @gustavo_moroz, Argentina

Photo by @priyowiddi, Indonesia

Photo by @adingkuswara, Indonesia

Photo by @pranab_basak India

There’s no time to lose. Get preparing your best countryside and rural life shots now in anticipation of Friday!

Anyone can become a Hero.

Power to the people.

Power to you.