This next photo contest is sure to make headlines

Have we got news for you! 2020 has been such a monumental year across the globe that will go down in history. That’s why this Friday 06.11.20 Agora is giving it’s community the chance the document it and get your work into the headlines of worldwide news with #Photojournalism2020.

Not only have the coronavirus pandemic and police brutality dominated the news space in countries around the world, but so has human unity through hardship. In this year’s edition we’re ready to see it all… the good, the bad and the ugly!

There’s no time to wait, flick through your most powerful documentary shots of 2020 and start preparing your submissions NOW! Need an extra helping hand? Refresh your memory with last year’s moving photos in the video below and read all about the work of last year’s Hero, Rene Bernal, here.

Anyone can become a Hero.

Start your preparations now.

Power to the people.

Power to you.