All the behind scenes details from this #StopRacism shot.

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Today discover the significance behind this particular shot that placed within the Top 5 photos of #StopRacism and read photographer Ronald Santos Cruz’s perspective on anti-racism in the hands of future generations.

Title: Black Lives Matter

Location: Recife, Brazil

Camera Equipment: Canon T7I camera with 24mm lens


“I would like this photo to serve to everyone as a promise for better days that lay ahead of us: I’m confident that future generations will build even further on the progress experienced in society today, being stronger and wiser.

I asked Naldinho, the boy in the photo, if he knew what the raised fist symbolizes, and he said no. I had the honor to explain to him that when we raise our fists in the air, this gesture symbolizes our fighting spirits in resistance and unity. I told him how important it was to raise his fist for the next generations of black people in Brazil, and that he never should bow his head to racism because Black Lives Matter.”

Multiple-time Top 50 & 5 photographer Ronald Santos Cruz from Recife, Brazil

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