All the rainy behind scenes details from this #Architecture2020 shot.

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Today read Zhe Qian’s take on street photography in the rain and discover what he had to endure to achieve this Top 50 shot from #Architecture2020.

Title: Rainy day long exposure

Location: Market St & Grant Ave, San Francisco, USA

Camera equipment: Sony A7III with 16-35 GM lens


“It was a normal sunny day down here in the south bay the day I took this shot, but around 7pm I started to hear the raindrops tapping my window. Rainy days are always more appealing to me than sunny ones so I randomly decided to drive up to the city and try out my luck.

I knew exactly where I was headed because I had been to that location during San Francisco’s pride parade and that crossroad had been in my head ever since. I spent about 30mins standing in the rain next to the tripod, but it was all worth it. With this image I’ve tried to transmit the tranquility and quietness of the city when the rain appears, which is the kind of beauty I appreciate a lot.”

Agora photographer @zheqian from the USA

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