All the technical details from this #Architecture2020 shot.

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Today learn about the fascinating drone technique ‘inception’ that enable Agora Top 50 photographer Yura Borschev create this mind-boggling Finalist #Architecture2020 shot.

Title: Inception

Location: Petrovsky Palace, Moscow, Russia

Camera equipment: Dji Mavic Pro


“Peter’s Palace is located at the gates of Moscow and was erected in the years 1776-1780, serving as a residence for noble people after making the long journey from St Petersburg to Moscow.

I wanted to capture its amazing architectural structure using a technique called “Inception” in which you take photos at increasing heights above the same location and also angle your camera down further each time. This particular photo is constructed from 9 different photos taken from different angles manually merged into one photo.”

Agora photographer @borsch from Russia

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