All the behind scenes details from this #Beauty2020 shot.

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Today Matteo Mangano, a Top 50 photographer from #Beauty2020, shares the story behind this shot and the magical myths that surround beautiful alpine area.

Title: The beauty of nature and its elements

Location: Switzerland

Camera Equipment: Sony A7III with a 24-105mm f/4


After an exhausting walk, we arrived here during the blue hour, my favorite time of the day and pitched our tents, watched the sunset, and lit the fire. With this shot, I wanted to represent a moment of peace of mind in connection with the natural elements.

In that little valley a few years ago two German tourists sighted and filmed a unicorn and couple years ago a local photographed a goat with three horns. This valley has since become known as a land of magic between reality, myth, and fantasy.”

Top 50 photographer Matteo Mangano (@sixthlens) from Varese, Italy

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