All the behind scenes details you need to know from this Top 50 #Aerial2020 shot.

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Today John Huang shares his knowledge about the best weather in which to capture Hong Kong’s marvellous architecture which lead him to secure one of the 50 Finalist spots in one of Agora’s most impressive contests, #Aerial2020.

Title: The dreamscape

Location: Central Hong Kong

Camera Equipment: DJI Mavic 2 Pro


“A city without clouds is like a musical without music. I captured this shot during the sea of clouds season which only happens once a year. One has to wake up super early and keep monitoring the latest weather forecasts for a chance to capture such low clouds floating through the city.

Hong Kong is like a magical dream and I wanted to show the world that this city is not just a cold concrete forest, but a city with a warm, beautiful soul.”

Multiple-time Top 50 photographer John Huang. See more of his work follow and support his work here.

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