All the behind scenes details from this Top 50 #Family2020 shot.

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Today Antje Rosenthal, shares how she got this fantastic shot of a family of dogs she spotted whilst out on a walk. Will she inspire you to seek out those stunning shots you’re too reserved to ask for?

Title: Family means looking in the same direction together

Location: Grevenbroich, Germany

Camera Equipment: Nikon D810 and the Nikor 24-70.


“I happened to meet the owner of the dogs in the fields of Grevenbroich. The dogs played wildly and jumped around. They were so beautiful and immediately struck me. I spoke to the owner and asked if I could take a picture of her dog family. She was very open-minded and happy about it.

The animals fascinated me even more when they lined up in a row in front of me. I chose this photo to submit to Agora’s #Family2020 photo contest because it expresses what family means to me. To look ahead together in one direction, to pull together and to be with each other and there for each other.”

Multiple-time Top 50 photographer Antje Rosenthal from Cologne, Germany.

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