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Today Nazmul Hossain Nisad, Top 5 #Beauty2020 photographer, shares his insight as a bird and wildlife photographer into the difficulties and rewards of this art form.

Title: Survival of the fittest

Location: Panchagarh, Bangladesh

Camera Equipment: EOS 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600mm G2


“On this March morning, I went to Maraya, a small river bank of the Karatoya river, to took some photos of nature. Through my photos I wanted to show the world that all the animals in the world are part of a food chain, all which are essential and increasingly need to be protected given the results of human activity which destroys habitats and these food chains. Birds like these are much more important for maintaining the balance of the earth and nature than most give credit!

It took me 5 days to get this photo of a blue-tailed bee-eater in action. Nature photography is notoriously difficult given you have no control over your subjects and animals reactions and movements are lightening speed. I have spent months in the jungle waiting to capture the perfect shot so just 5 days to get this result was a complete success, confirmed by this photo making it to the Top 5 of #Beauty2020. ”

Top 5 photographer Nazmul Hossain Nisad from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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