Are you the author of the #BestPhotoOf2020?

Win $25,000 for one image alone

Time is ticking to get your submissions in the world’s biggest photo contest on currently underway in the Agora app. Could you shot be awarded the title of #BestPhotoOf2020 and win $25,000? There’s only one way to find out… participate now!

How does it work?

Follow these steps

If you’re new, first things first, you need to download the Agora app and create a profile for free here.

Once registered and in the Agora app head to the Contest section of the app, make sure your in the ‘Participate’ tab and enter the #BestPhotoOf2020 Contest.

Next step, upload your best shots! Remember to accompany your submission with the story behind it so it can be understood and appreciated as deserved, as well as improving its chances to be selected for the Top 50 and making it to International Press.

Everyone can participate for free with 1 photo. For every photo you want to upload after this you will need to use 25 credits. This is to incentivize and encourage photographers to choose their submissions wisely and submit their very best photos, making this one of our highest quality Contests.

But don’t mess around, participation closes on 01.10.2020.

How to obtain credits you ask?

There are many way to obtain them through the Get Credits screen found in the top left hand corner of the Contest and your Profile pages. You can:

  1. Watch videos every 2 hours to receive one credit.
  2. Keep a watchful eye because every now and again Agora releases Surprise Bonuses in which you can win 6 Credits for just one video.
  3. Share Agora with your friends and once they register both of you will receive 10 Credits.
  4. Credits can also be bought in packs of 5, 15 or 25.

For more information about how our Photo Contests work head to the Contests Section of our FAQs page!

Selection Process

The Agora Team of experts will select the Top 50 photos taking into account the number of stars received and the quality of the photo after passing legal authenticity filters set out in the terms and conditions found in the app.

The Hero will then be chosen by the votes of the Global Community through Agora’s voting system of Rounds.

As opposed to our regular contests, in which each round is completed in 24 hours, the 5 Semifinal Rounds of 10 photos from the #BestPhotoOf2020 will last 1 whole week each with the first round commencing Monday 16.11.20.


All 50 Finalist photos will be sent to the world’s biggest and most renowned media outlets receiving exposer and recognition like no other contest.

The winner of this year-long Contest will walk away with our biggest prize to date… $25,000… for one single photo! The ultimate Hero of the year winner will be announced to the world in the app on Monday 28.12.2020 ending a turbulent year on a real high!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take show-stopping photography that could get world-wide coverage.

That one photo could change your life.

Good luck

Could you or someone you know be the photographer behind the world’s greatest photo of the year?

Share it with them