Promoting Human Rights and Uniting humanity through photography

#OneHumanity, a one-of-a-kind contest and collaboration with ONUart Foundation, whose mission is to promote the presence of Art within the United Nations, to favor understanding between cultures and societies, and to promote principles that inspire the development of Human Rights around the world, has just been launched on Agora in support of the 7th edition of the World Human Rights Concert and Dinner.

For this special contest photographers around the world are invited to share their most powerful photos about the unity of human race and the promotion of human rights through photography.

Find out how and why you should contribute to this collective visual manifesto now…


What this contest is all about: A world without borders. Your images and stories of global citizenship, friendship, love, unity, sharing a common responsibility, helping the most vulnerable, and providing support and humanitarian help can inspire people around the world. 

This unique contest has an elongated participation phase, open un til the 12th October, with unlimited submissions given that no credits needed to upload your images.

Head to the contest sections of the app now and submit your best shots now (and don’t forget to share the message behind them!).


The Top 50 finalist photos will be exhibited during the World Human Rights Concert event organized by the ONUART Foundation on December 12th at the United Nations’ Headquarters in Geneva, in the emblematic Chamber of Human Rights and the Alliance of Civilizations in the Palais de Nations, United Nations, Geneva.

The most voted photo will be presented on stage during the event, giving the opportunity to the Hero to share the story behind their photo to all the event attendees. Agora will assume the costs of travel, visa, and accommodation for the winner.

To learn more about this inspirational event, check out the ONUART website here:

This is a once in a lifetime chance to share your positive message and photography to the world and be recognised by the biggest Human Rights organizations.

Participate now to change the world through photography.

Power to the people.

Power to photography.

Power to you.