#StayHome Finalist documents her solo quarantine experience through photography

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Today multiple Top 50 photographer and Agora Hero Clara Orozco shares with you her lockdown photography initiative which she used as submissions to #StayHome. Be inspired with how she transformed her photography from what would usually be professional music photography to an artistic exploration of her home environment.

Title: Reto de un foto al día

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Clara’s photo selected in the Top 50 of #StayHome

Others submissions and shots from her ‘One shot a day lockdown challenge’


“Spain introduced it’s national lockdown on the 23th March 2020, since then I have challenged myself to take a picture every day during the lockdown experimenting with the few resources and photography techniques permitted by my home environment, mainly, natural light, shadows and reflection.

During this time I’ve come to realise that my neighbours are now an important part of my life. I’m doing this quarantine alone and I celebrated my birthday with them, so I wanted to make them part of my challenge by incorporating their flats in my pictures as well. These photos now constitute a visual reminder of this strange time, which I can very proud to have made the most of photographically speaking.”

Multiple time Top 50 photographer and Hero of #Love2017 and #Architecture2018 @claror from Barcelona, Spain

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