All the behind scenes details from this #Sports2020 Top 50 shot.

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Today be inspired by the way Top 50 photographer and surfer – Ilaria Ronchi involves herself in the shooting process and managed to capture her stunning Top 50 shot from #Sports2020.

Title: Taking the last wave

Location: Aljezur, Portugal

Camera Equipment: Canon 80d + Canon L 70-200mm f/4


“I am a surfer myself, and this photo represents my first attempt at capturing the same emotions I feel while surfing. Once we had finished our surf session, we decided to drive our van to the top of the cliff in order to have a better view of the sunset. This part of the bay had the most incredible waves, but just one surfer enjoying them. He gifted us an incredible performance and I followed his movements with my camera trying to put myself in his place.

Surfing is completely different from any other sport, in the way you try to capture it (maybe just free climbing can compete). When you shoot a surfer you don’t just want to capture a performance or an effort, but to frame a relationship with nature. Understanding the ocean is the key to immortalizing the surfing philosophy.”

Photographer @freeilli from Italy

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