What you need to know about Agora’s new and improved terms and conditions.

A few months back, following photographers’ feedback regarding our Terms and conditions, the Agora team set out to make sure they better reflected our values and the reality of how Agora works.

At Agora we believe in transparency, so in conjunction with the updated terms and conditions and privacy policy that have just been implemented with the latest release of the Agora app, this blog post aims to highlight the elements that are most important and beneficial to you.

Above all, it’s important for you to know that…

You, the photographer, no matter how far your photo goes in our photo Contests, will always have authorship of your photos. 

Agora’s mission is simply to promote and give your work worldwide recognition and will only ever use your photos is order to give them exposure in the international press and partnering organizations as well as in audiovisual creativities we may create for and to promote the app.

In more legal terms this translates to…

For all photos submitted to an Agora photo contest, whether they be successful in making it to the Top 50 or Hero or not:

  • The owner of the photo is always the user.
  • In accepting the terms and conditions upon uploading the photo the owner gives Agora permission to promote the photo and use for content created by Agora.
  • The owner of the photo can promote this photo however they like via their own channels.

For photos that make the Top 50, in addition to that previously stated for all who participate:

  • The owner may participate with it in other competitions not hosted by Agora.
  • The owner of the photo can sell it to third parties and does not have to give anything to Agora.
  • The owner of the photo will receive 20% of the direct benefits that Agora may obtain in the diffusion of these photos.
  • Agora has no exclusivity in the marketing of this photo.

For the photo that wins, in addition to that previously stated for all who participate: 

  • The owner of the photo cannot sell it to any third parties, as Agora in this case has exclusive dissemination rights. The price of this exclusivity is the payment of the prize money.
  • The owner of the photo will receive 20% of the direct benefits that Agora may obtain in the diffusion of this photo on top of the prize money.

In other words, all the Top 50 give non-exclusive exploitation rights to Agora in exchange for 20% and the Hero gives Agora exclusive exploitation rights in exchange for the prize plus 20% of remuneration generated by content provided by Agora to media outlets (something which has not yet happened, with all press releases being provided on a free basis).

Other noteworthy additions to the Terms and Conditions:

  • Following feedback from wildlife photographer community and activists, a clause has been included in which users accept not to disseminate content that incites, shows, makes advocacy or results from of any type of animal abuse.” Agora reserves the right to remove any content that violates these conditions of use, as well as to remove or restrict the account of the User who violates the above mentioned conditions.
  • In the case of fraudulent activity, both clause 3 and 7 authorises Agora to restrict the user’s content or account at its discretion (suspension, deletion etc.).

While these are the most important adapted aspects of our terms and conditions, we encourage everyone to take the time to read through them to be clear on your rights when participating or in the case of becoming a Finalist/Hero and about all that is and is not permitted when uploading content to Agora. You can find them in the settings tab (in your profile screen) and in the information section of each Contest.

As always, Agora sincerely thanks everyone who takes the time to send their feedback and suggestions to improve and make Agora work for everyone. 

We build Agora together.

Power to the people.