The behind the scenes details of this #Wild2020 Top 50 photo.

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Today let your jaw be dropped by the fascinating story behind Top 50 photographer – Sandro Rizzolo’s Top 50 shot from #Wild2020.

Title: One of those special moments.

Location: Hofen canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland


“I was observing this deer in the early morning, even before the first light sneaks over the field. With my binoculars, I could only spot its ears. I tried to get closer, slowly creeping to the edge of the field and focused on its ears. First try… the deer lifted its head. The second try was this shot, after that the deer ran away: a lucky shot after all!

My objective with this image is to encourage people to care about our nature and its inhabitant… we live together with them and not against them.”

Photographer: @rizzolophotography from Switzerland

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