Introducing ‘Thank Yous’

Ever seen the following type of images on Agora?

It’s not surprising! Since almost the very beginning the Agora Team has been blown away by the quantity and quality of user’s efforts to show their appreciation for all the support they receive for their work on Agora.

But what if there was an easier way to thank people for the love they show for your photos? Well now there is!

The Agora app’s latest release now includes Thank yous

… a new icon button found in your notifications screen (see below) that allows you to quickly and effectively say thanks to anyone who:

  • stars a photo of yours
  • shares one of your photos
  • or shares your profile beyond Agora

Plus, every time you receive a Thank you from a user whose work you supported you will also receive a star.

Want to know when fellow members of Agora’s global community send their thanks for your support? You can now receive app notifications to let you know.

Make sure you turn them on now in the notification settings tab.

Everything Agora does is to help its global community. Thanks to your feedback it is possible, thank you.

Agora is built by everyone.

Keep supporting the content you love.

Power to the people.

What do you think of Agora’s latest feature?

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