Discover how this #Architecture2020 shot was taken and the instant reactions to it.

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Today let your jaw be dropped by the fascinating story behind Arthur Kanatov’s Top 50 shot from #Architecture2020.

Title: Urban geometry

Location: Moscow, Russia

Camera equipment: Mavic pro drone by DJI


“This photo of mine is of one of Moscow’s courtyards from above. It consists of different areas to work out, play with the kids, or even play table tennis.

I arrived at this place too early before the sun came up, so I decided to wait for a few hours. I wanted to see how the sunlight crept into this area and capture it on the ground in the best position. While I was waiting for the best time to shoot I had some food, chatted with others in the are and looked in detail at the design features of this unusual space.

When I started to fly all of a sudden so many little kids ran towards me. It was really funny to see their wondering faces as I operated my drone. They couldn’t believe how their home looked from above and it made me so happy seeing their reactions.”

Agora photographer @inchaseofbeauty from Russia

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