One Hero, one donation, a world of possibilities for children and women of Tanzania thanks to your votes

Agora believes that photography has the power to #ChangeTheWorld and wants to help photographers contribute to make the world a better place by supporting the causes they care about.

3 months ago the global community voted to give Michael Mathias Kitunduhis from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania the opportunity to make a contribution to an organization close to his heart – Kutembea Na Tanzania.

The Agora Content Team has since been in contact with this life changing organisation to find out how your vote made a difference and Michael’s donation is being put to use. Find out what they are all about and see what they had to say about this winning photo below…

“We (Kutembea Na Tanzania) are a small NGO running since 2015 with the aim of helping children in unfavorable circumstances, as well as supporting women who need to get out of unsustainable situations.

© Photos by Aitor Berasaluce (Left) & Clara de Leon (Right)

We support families who would otherwise be on the street by offering the children decent meals, medical assistance, basic health and hygiene conditions, education and shelter in our centre.

© Photos by Alejandro Rey & Clara de Leon (Top right)

We also work with women who are in distressing situations, giving them support to start small businesses of their own and thus be able to sustain themselves and their families through their own means.

Our latest project, ‘Girl-House’, focuses on supporting young women from very poor villages and families who are often given to other families to take on domestic work and risk sexual assault. Via various training schemes including sewing, writing, reading, English lessons and computers, we give them resources to get out of these situations.

© Photo by Clara de Leon

It was a great surprise to discover Tanzanian photographer Michael Mathias Kitunduhis’ desire to share the prize he won through Agora’s #ChangeTheWorld2020 photo Contest with us. His wonderful image transmits the essence of the needs in Tanzania: health and hygiene through water, especially for children. His donation will undoubtedly make a significant and positive impact as there are many diverse needs here. However we have decided that it will go towards the sewing machines for the girls of the “Girl-House” project, so that they can continue learning and have the opportunity to use this skill for work in the long term.

© Photo by Clara de Leon

We’d like to say a real thank you to all the people who have been part of this initiative and who continue to inject hope into our lives through images as powerful as the winner’s. We feel very lucky!”

Thank you to everyone who voted in #ChangeTheWorld2020 this year.

You votes really have made a difference.

Your point of view is important.

Power to the people.

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