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Title: Kerið

Location: Kerið, Iceland


“Since Iceland is called the “Land of Ice and Fire” for a reason, I wanted to show with this picture that these two elements have more in common that first meets the eye, and that they can also be mutually dependent, as is the case with Kerið crater lake.

Today, most scientists believe that the Kerið was once a cone-shaped volcano that exhausted its magma reserves after a massive eruption, which eventually led to the collapse of its foundation. This resulted in its current formation, which allowed the crater to fill with groundwater over the centuries.

After me and my girlfriend first admired the beauty of the crater lake from below, we wanted to capture its enormous dimensions from its highest point. Embedded in the endless, icy landscape of Iceland, the lake radiates a sense of calm from this perspective, which at first glance gives no hint of its fiery past.”

Photographer Tom Reichenberger (@tom_rbg) from Germany

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