All the behind scenes details from this #Sports2020 Top 50 photo.

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Today be fascinated by the story and lucky turn of events that resulted in Top 50 photographer Marc Le Cornu’s Top 50 shot from #Sports2020.

Title: Triathlon explosion

Location: St Helier, Jersey, UK

Camera Equipment: DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone


“The subjects of this photo are the amazing triathletes taking part in the annual Jersey Triathlon. I was commissioned to capture the triathlon for the event organizers and the swim start was the portion of the race that I was most excited about! I really wanted to convey the explosive power and sheer determination of these amazing athletes giving their all at the start of a grueling three-part race.

The weather was not great, and just 5 minutes before the start of the race it was still raining and therefore I did not think I would be able to operate the drone in order to capture the start. Luckily with 2 minutes to spare, the rain stopped and I was able to fly into position just in time to capture this amazing spectacle!”

Photographer @bamperspectives from the UK

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