Agora’s response to COVID-19 and how you can play your part.

A month ago Agora announced that its Team would be working from home to stay safe, ensure the continual improvement of the app and do its part to limit the spread of this global pandemic. That Friday (19.04.20) Agora encouraged the world to do the same by launching the #StayHome photo Contest as a way uniting the Global Community against our common enemy and share moments and authentic stories that would serve to inspire and give strength to others around the world.

With no clear end in sight it has been decided to elongate the participation phase of this one off Contest to continue to encourage the Global Community to maintain its photography habits during this isolating time, whilst also helping others worldwide to stay positive and move forward.

We have extended participation by another 2 weeks meaning that you now have until the 03.05.2020 to get your submissions in and be in with a chance to win $1000.

Remember, for this Contest 3 free photos have been made available before having to use Credits, plus the time required to wait between Video Rewards and obtain Credits has been reduced from 8 hours to 2.

Together we must unite to fight this common enemy and help protect each other and those most vulnerable.

So get creative and share the moments lived in these difficult times with your best indoor photography.

Never before has Humanity been so united. Your unique point of view has the power to inspire others.

Together we can overcome this.

Power to the people.