The #Fun2020 story behind Nico Prègre’s Top 50 photo.

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Today discover the tender story behind the moment multiple time Top 50 photographer – Nico Prègre took his finalist shot from #Fun2020.

Title: Detroit Game

Location: Detroit, USA


“This was just was of the most touching and humbling scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Detroit is a city that people often call “dangerous”, it is a city full of negative opinions, and to be honest I’m not all too sure as to why. It’s a place I really love and watching this organic moment between the policewoman and young boy playing basketball was incredible.

Just 10 minutes before this shot was taken, I was taking portrait pictures of the two policewomen on the job and I will always remember how happy they were about me to ask for their pictures. Human connections with people I meet on my travels in one of my favorite things about photography.”

Photographer @nicoprg from France

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