Discover what it is & be inspired by the Global Community

It’s time to mix things up a bit with a completely new Contest never seen before on Agora.

Inspired by shots from recent editions of #Work and #Aerial among others, Agora will be launching #Patterns2020 for the very first time to let your creativity run wild.

In order for you to get to grips with what #Patterns2020 is all about, take a lot the following shots taken from members of Agora’s Global Community.

Be amazed, get motivated and start preparing all things sequences and repetitions. See you on Friday!

@caokynhan, Vietnam

@wunderbilder, Germany

@hoacarol, Vietnam

@azimronnie, Bangladesh

@thuanvo, Vietnam

@aungthuya, Myanmar

@aungthuya, Myanmar

@azimronnie, Bangladesh

@hugohealy, the UK

@dharmaku, Indonesia

@hedayet1000, Bangladesh

@kokosat, Myanmar

@wunderbilder, Germany

@nctrung, Vietnam

@myothet, Myanmar

@phamchiconghp, Vietnam

@pherrography, Switzerland

@sakter, Bangladesh

@wmr.valdez, Dominic Republic

@wunderbilder, Germany

@azimronnie, Bangladesh

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What are you waiting for? Get ready and good luck.

The world needs more points of view.

Share yours with the world.

Power to the people.