The #Wild2020 story behind a Top 50 shot

Agora’s mission is to potentiate the best point of views from all around the world by being the platform where photographers can share not only their photos but the story behind the making of it.

Today discover the inspiring, albeit slightly terrifying, story behind Top 50 photographer – Ben Gaona’s Top 50 shot from #Wild2020.

Title: King of the desert

Location: South Libez Desert, Bolivia

Camera equipment:  Sony Alpha A7iii and 24-70mm lens


“I was visiting the South Lipez desert when suddenly I came across some foxes on this walk! These foxes were used to humans, and therefore dared to approach us, but remained wild and untamed. They tried to attack a person who was with me however, I needed to stay close if I wanted to get a nice shot as I was shooting with a 24-70mm lens.

Despite the foxes looking hungry and there not seeming to be much around to hunt, they fox remained calm towards myself and almost seemed to pose for the camera, but of course we did not give in to feeding them!”

Photographer @ben_gaona from Ireland

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