All the behind scenes details from this #Wild2020 shot.

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Today let your jaw be dropped by the fascinating story behind Top 50 photographer – Himel Nobi’s Top 50 shot from #Wild2020.

Title: Hug me

Location: Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Photographer: @himelnobi from Bangladesh

“The Pied Kingfisher is a species of water Kingfisher widely found across Africa and Asia. It was winter, the breeding season during Pied Kingfishers are very active. The male catches lots of fish in order to impress the female. The more successful he is at catching fishes, the more chances he has to mate with a female.

The male and female were very interactive with each other on this particular occasion. Finally, the male was successful in being granted permission to made, until another male showed up and started to fight. By photographing these Kingfishers for almost two months, I developed a friendly relationship with them. Observing so closely this beautiful species was a treat to my eyes.”

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