Ideas for our latest Contest

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Agora has just launched #StayHome in order to unite the global community against this common enemy and share moments that can serve as inspiration and give strength to other people around the world.

Take inspiration from the following ideas from Agora photographers for our first every photo Contest centred around indoor photography.

New for this Contest!

  • To aid the community’s productivity and wellbeing, for this Contest only, the Agora Team is gifting 3 free submissions before having to use Credits as well as new video ads being available every 2 hours, instead of 8, in order get your hands more easily on Credits and maintain your photography habits during this difficult and isolating time.
  • Given the worrying circumstances that have the potential to last some time, we are extending the normal length of participation from 2 weeks to one month so you can keep challenging yourselves with new kinds of photography during this period and continue to upload the results.

Stay safe and get creative! 💪

From the outside looking in!

Do you live in an urbanisation surrounded by a community of neighbours and other buildings? Make the most of this opportunity to dabble in some architecture photography and get an insight into how others are getting through this experience in their windows or passing time on their balconies (consent permitting).

Photo by @spidona, Romania
Photo by @mbphotography, USA
Photo by @eugenedemidov, Russia
Photo by @bekiryesiltas, Turkey

Activities, activities, activities…

We all have different hobbies and interests, now’s the perfect time to pick them up again and get creative with the resources you’ve got at home.

Photo by @nodar, Georgie
Photo by @petervanheulen, The Netherlands
Photo by @maxilen88, Argentina
Photo by @lyraauce, Philippines
Photo by @handetokmak, Turkey
Photo by @evablanco, Spain

Step into the light

Get to know your house on a new level by studying where and at what times the light enters your home and play with the rays and shadows.

Photo by @damiane, Georgia
Photo by @phototemple
Photo by @mariafcabaleiro, Spain
Photo by @lvalverde, Argentina
Photo by @damiane, Georgia
Photo by @damiane, Georgia
Photos by @arnieuo, Philippines
Photo by @alexdeangelis_, Italy

Food glorious food

Remember all those recipes you’ve been wanting to give a go, now is the time to try them out! And since you’re trying new things, why not have a go at food photography?

Photo by @nodar, Georgia
Photo by @jajupulu, India

Take care of all the living things around you

More than ever in times likes this, life cannot be taken for granted, even that of your house plants and pets. Get creative and find innovative ways of including them in your photography. Family, animal and interior design photography are yet three other options available to you.

Photo by @xyzheart, Myanmar
Photo by @vernita_rjy-gzuxpxcg, Spain
Photo by @romanynhep, Cambodia
Photo by @evablanco, Spain

Last by not least… relax!

The world has weird and unfathomable ways of making us take a step back and take account of what’s really important in life. May this uncertain time allow the population to take some time for themselves and relax. Use photography to highlight the importance of a bit of ‘me time’.

Photo by @sullyboy3, USA
Photo by @gustee, Hungary
Photo by @gustee, Hungary

It’s time to get shooting! You’ve got 4 weeks to upload your photos to the Contest. We can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions and creativity!

Best of luck 🍀📸