Meet the team making it all possible.

Agora empowers people worldwide to share their unique points of view. Your feedback has helped us grow stronger day by day and goes to prove that Agora really is built by everyone.

“Today, we want to celebrate the team that is transforming your continuous feedback into reality. Behind the scenes, our talented team talent hard on improving Agora. All five departments, Product/IT/Marketing/Finance/HR, have played a key role in this new era for Agora. What has been accomplished would not have been possible without them.”

Eloi Urdangarín
Growing stronger as a team. Power the people.

A new era for Agora

To improve Agora relies on you, Humanity, on a daily basis. Your feedback and suggestions help us understand what is working and what needs to be tweaked. Internally, Agora relies on its team to execute and test your ideas. Since April 2019, we have been working on this new era (version 2.0). Through workshops with all departments, we understood what challenges awaited this new chapter.

Workshop time for the Product team.
The Marketing team bringing their magic to the workshop.
There are never enough post-its for the IT team.

From idea to reality

After the analysis made by all members of the Agora team, hypotheses were formed. From there, the magic came into place and became a reality. What you see today is the result of months of work. We wanted to share with you what it took to get here — the joy, the sweat, the tears and the lack of sleep.

Oscar giving some feedback about pain points for user onboarding.
Alberto and Eloi iterating designs before validating with the IT team.
After validation, the IT team is ready to push everything to production on an all-nighter in Agora’s headquarters. Can you guess where we are located?

More to come

Your feedback so far about this brand new version has made it all worth it. We hope that what you see has exceeded your expectations. We believe that with your support, no obstacle is too big move us to move past.

Version 2.0 is just the beginning of this new era, as things are just getting started. In the upcoming months, Agora will be releasing numerous updates that will improve your experience in the app. Who knows? There may be a few surprises in the pipeline.

Now that the app is up and running we cannot wait for you to get to grips with all the changes. We look forward to hearing your feedback and welcome any suggestions for improvements. To do so, please fill out this short survey. Your point of view is important.

Power to the people.

The Agora team