Update to the new era of democracy.

Over the past few months, the Agora Team has been working hard on a new and improved version of the app. Last week we were thrilled to announce our 2.0 release, marking the beginning of the new era of democracy where the power is truly in your hands.

Following your continuous feedback and suggestions, the app has undergone major improvements. From the user experience to the user interface, everything has been carefully thought out with your best interests in mind: the voting system, user profiles, levels, and rewards have been completely redesigned.

Get the low down on everything that the latest update has to offer below:

New voting system

  • Say hello to the vote button, which now fully determines who moves on to each round.
  • Stars are now only used for gaining visibility and increasing your chances of making the Top 50.
  • The Top 50 now moves on to a Final Top 5 round where the next Hero is selected.
  • Overall user experience has been improved and new design components have been created.

Contest cards

Depending on the state of a Contest, Contest cards now display:

  • The prize awarded to Heroes or Voters.
  • The time left to participate or vote.
  • The number of photos submitted.

Contest details

You — where you can see all your submissions to a Contest.

Photos — where you can see all Contest photos:

  • All Contest action now happens in this tab.
  • Each photo that wins a Round will be displayed first on a new card component.
  • The Hero section has been moved and redesigned.
  • The Hero video is now inside the Hero section.
  • You can now view submissions after a Contest has ended.

Conditions — where all information related to a Contest is available:

  • Prizes for the Top 50, Top 5 and Hero are now displayed.
  • All Contest stages have specific dates set out.
  • Participation cost is now displayed (how many free photos are allowed / how many Credits are needed).
  • A ‘How voting works’ module has been added.


  • Ads have been removed.
  • Contest cards have been temporarily removed. They will return in the near future with big improvements.
  • Trending now has been replaced by The best by people worldwide.

Image details

  • You can now pinch to zoom in a photo.
  • Photo descriptions are now hidden for a cleaner look and feel.
  • Hashtags component has been updated.


  • You can now scroll in a feed instead of going back and forth between photos.

Search performance

  • Speed performance has been optimized when searching for photos or photographers.


  • Adding your location is now possible.
  • Your followers and number of people you are following are now public.
  • Adding contact information is now possible.
  • Adding links to social media accounts is now possible.
  • Your number of uploaded photos is now public.
  • Popular photos component has been updated.
  • Onboarding has been created for new users.

Levels and rewards

  • Junior, Advanced, Pro and Master levels have been replaced by an infinite number of levels.
  • When you now star a photo, you give the number of Stars equal to your user level (a Level 16 user gives 16 Stars).
  • A new gamification system with Credits and Stars as rewards has been created. You can tap on the (i) button in your profile to find out more about the new system.

Help Center

  • If you want to read more about all the new features and changes, please refer to our Help Center via the app: Head to your profile → Tap the (=) menu on the top right corner → Need help.
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for click on Contact us instead!

Now that the release is up and running we cannot wait for you to get to grips with all the changes. We look forward to hearing your feedback and welcome any suggestions for improvements. To do so, please fill out this short survey. Your point of view is important.

It is up to you to choose the best images of Humanity. Participate, watch, vote and win.

Power to the people.

The Agora team