Improve your photography skills with our top tips

Drop the color and bring your imagination because this Friday 24.01.20 we’re bringing you #Black&White2020!

Take a read of our top tips on taking awe-inspiring black and white shots photos now and start your preparation.

Shoot in color!

Most camera’s have a black and white preset that lets you take photos directly in black and white. Don’t use it! Your black and white images will look better if originally shot in color in order to get a greater monochromatic range of tones and then transformed to black and white in post production.

A good black and white image will require post processing and the standard in-camera black and white conversion isn’t as good as your own black and white conversion.

Photo by @cymot, Indonesia

Black and white should serve a purpose!

Many photos should never be converted into black and white as color can add so much to a shot. However, certain images can be transformed in black and white adding depth and strength of emotion. Use black and white therefore when it adds a purpose to your image such as drama, loneliness or yearning.

Photo by @wunderbilder, Germany

Shoot at your lowest ISO setting

Although the grainy film look can be popular in black and white photography, it is recommended to use the lowest possible ISO setting when taking your shots. Just like the black and white conversion itself, the grainy look is best added in post production.

Photo by @somnathmukherjee80, India

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There’s no time to waste! Put our tips to practice and start preparing your best photos of #Black&White2020 for this Friday! 🔲

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