Improve your photography skills with our top tips

It’s time to get to #Work2020 on your best photos for our newest Contest launching this Friday 17.01.20!

Read our top tips on taking Top 50 worthy photos now and get your preparation underway.

Keep your distance!

Try not to interfere with the work of the subject(s) you’re photographing. If you remain simply a spectator the result will be a lot more natural and authentic.

Females Factory Workers by @ginyu21, Indonesia
Working 2 by @marklaszlo76, Romania

Patterns, patterns, patterns

If the work you’re shooting is manual labour or manufacturing of a product make the most of the patterns that may result from the repetition. Finding scale of production like the captured in the photos below can create images that are extremely visually appealing and interesting.

Pot worker by @kokosat, Myanmar
Drying the crackers by @dharmaku, Indonesia

Work is a vast term!

There are so many different types of work around the world, why not show us a unique trade from your corner of the earth? All jobs are worthy of being photographed whether it’s an office job, or in a factory, out in the countryside or parenting or looking after the elderly. Show us the hard workers in your society!

The workman moves the ice to the car by @mohammadmoheimany, Iran
The doctors by @gaukhar_yerk, Kazakhstan

🏆 Follow this advice and you could win:

  • $1000
  • 100,000 ⭐️s
  • Feature on the Agora Review
  • Worldwide coverage of your winning photo through our social media and international press!

In addition, the Top 50 photographers will win:

  • 5 credits
  • 5,000 ⭐️s

There’s no time to waste! Put our tips to practise and start preparing your best photos of #Work2020 for this Friday! 💪

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