Meet the Hero behind the photo!

One photographer in particular will be feeling a lot of #Happiness2020 today. Find out who our latest Hero is now! 😁

Introducing Ko Thet-Pyay (aka @kothet_pyay) our #Happiness2020 Hero from Myanmar whose astonishing photo has won him the Credits Jackpot + 100,000 ⭐️s!

See what he had to say about his winning photo now! 👇

“Hi my name is Ko Thet-Pyay and I’m from Pyay, Myanmar. I started my life as a photographer in 2007, where I mostly shot indoor studio photos. From 2017 onwards however, I have been taking landscape pictures and other styles of outdoor photos.

I took my winning photo at the NgweSaung elephant Camp, Ayyarwady division Myanmar on the 28th of September last year when I spotted this girl on the way to shower the elephants early one morning.

Ko Thet-Pyay’s Winning #Happiness2020 Shot – Happy life

I was drawn to take this shot because both the elephant and the girl feeding it seemed so happy at their interaction with each other, it was a beautiful moment. Both subjects seemed to have the biggest smiles on their faces and so I knew it was the perfect shot of mine to upload to this contest and I’m so happy it won. Thanks so much to the judge, community and Agora team!”

The host for this Contest has been Le Van Vinh

Our #Beauty2019 Hero and #Happiness2019 Host – Le Van Vinh

We called upon Le Van Vinh (@levanvinh), our #Beauty2019 Hero, to lend the Community a hand with choosing the Hero! Find out why he chose this winning photo! 👇

“Hi everybody, my name is Le Van Vinh and I’m from Pleiku, Gia Lai province, VietNam. I am a retired teacher and love capturing daily moments, nature and bird shots!”

Guest judge’s selection criteria: “I selected @kothet_pyay’s photo as the winner of #Happiness2019 because of its adequacy to the theme, the happiness of the girl and elephant is so obvious and contagious. I also love the softness of the colors and the background lighting that really makes this shot a magical one. Congratulations!”

On behalf of the entire Agora Team, congratulations to Ko Thet-Pyay for becoming the Hero! 👏🎉

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