Improve your photography skills with our top tips

The end of the year of nearing and you know what that means… a great big #Celebration2020 is coming! πŸŽ‰

Whether it be Christmas, New Year, birthdays or graduations we want to see what you celebrate in life where you’re from this Friday 27.12.19!

Check out the Agora team’s exclusive advice to make sure you submissions are worth celebrating in the Top 50 or even as the Hero photo now! πŸ‘‡

Nail the lighting!

If you’re taking photos at night or in the dark make sure your subject(s) are well defined and in focus. To make sure your objects and the light is sharp make sure you operate a high shutter speed whereas if you want to play around with the light sources available for example capturing the movement of fairground rides, dancers or fireworks then make sure you have a low shutter speed!

Abstract, long exposure shot of vintage Carousel at an amusement by @nikita_sursin, Russia
Wonderful by @bingkaijay, Indonesia

Know your camera!

Make sure you’re well aware of the aperture your camera has and be careful to monitor is when taking photos of landscape or wide scene shots as if it is overexposed when you come to edit them you will see a lot of noise, blur, bad colour and overall a not very sharp image.

🍾 by @husseinanbarphotography, Lebanon
A magic moment by @ivanan, Spain

Share your culture with us!

There are so many traditions and celebrations all around the world but sadly very few are known about. Show us something different unique to where you’re from or where you’ve traveled to or simply show us the small things in life your believe to be celebrated. Every point of view is important!

November 2nd, They Day of The Dead by @seoz12, Mexico
Celebration by @yudybento, Indonesia

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There’s no time to waste! Put our tips to practise and start preparing your best photos of #Celebration2020 for this Friday! 🎊

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