Meet the Hero behind the photo!

The catwalk of amazing photos is officially over and one photographer has been crowned the Hero of #Fashion2019! 👀 Discover who it is now!

Introducing Kaan Türker (aka @birazhayalci), our #Fashion2019 Hero from Turkey whose stunning photo has won him $1000 + 100,000 ⭐️s!

Meet him now and discover his journey with photography and Agora!👇

Our #Fashion2019 Hero – Kaan Türker

“My name is Kaan Türker, I’m from Turkey and am currently studying at Marmara University in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Photography! I’m mostly interested in Portrait and Fashion photography and also love working with photoshop and editing tools.

I started my photography adventure first by drawing pictures. Then I took my brother’s camera and started to travel, learn, meet people, embark on new adventures and enjoy it.

Photography is a quest for me, an adventure. Photography and my photos have allowed me to get to know myself on a deeper level. It has helped me realize all that I am capable of and means I keep striving to challenge and get to know myself even more!

It is important for me to get visibility for my work, show it to the world, and to learn from and compete with other photographers. In order to do this, I started to explore photography applications and that is when I discovered Agora, and I’m very happy I did! In a relatively short time I have really been made to feel part of this Community and achieved all I set out to do when searching for this type of platform.

Kaan’s Winning #Fashion2019 Shot – Fashion

Now, after being in 7 Top 50 and an Agora Awards 2019 Ambassador I am delighted to finally be able to call myself a Hero! My winning photo was taken on October 2, 2019. I did it in the studio of Marmara Faculty of Fine Arts. The model is a very talented friend of mine. I especially like the simplicity of this shot and the color of background. This assertive pose however contrasts and helps balances the simplicity. A big thanks to the Agora community and team.”

On behalf of the entire Agora Team, congratulations to Kaan Türker for becoming the Hero! 👏🎉

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