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All #Eyes2019 on our latest Hero 👀 Discover who the photographer is and where he took his powerful winning image now!

Introducing Kurit Afsheen (aka @kuritafsheen), our #Eyes2019 Hero from Indonesia whose astonishing photo has won him the $1000 + 100,000 ⭐️s!

Meet him now!👇

“Hey Agora Community, my name is Kurit Afsheen. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia and I started photography five years ago. My favorite genres are I macro and animal photography because I really enjoy getting to know animal behaviour and trying to capture their essence in one shot.

Our #Eyes2019 Hero – Kurit Afsheen

I actually took my winning crocodile picture three years ago, with my Canon 7D camera. This crocodile of one of many that inhabit a crocodile dam in Tangerang Banten.

I discovered Agora just over a month ago through my best friend who is also on the app. After exploring the app a bit I found the #Eyes2019 contest and knew I had various powerful shots that I could submit. I was extremely happy when I got the news that I had been chosen to the Hero and it just goes to show that eyes can say more than words.

Kurit’s winning #Eyes2019 Photo – Stalking prey

Thanks again Agora and best of luck to all the photographers in becoming an Agora Hero one day too!”

The host for this Contest has been Fawad Malik

Our #Eyes2019 Guest Judge – Fawad Malik

We called upon Fawad Malik (@fawadmalick), our #Black&White2019 Hero, to lend the Community a hand with choosing the Hero! Find out why he chose this winning photo! 👇

“Hi everyone, my name is Fawad Malik and I’m a Dramatic Portrait Photographer from Pakistan, specialized in black and white portraiture. I love accentuating the details in simple but powerful photographs!”

Guest judge’s selection criteria: “I chose @kuritafsheen’s incredible image as the winning shot because I can see the effort and emotion the photographer put in to it. Moreover the frame has amazing symmetry and the risk the photographer must have taken getting this photo is remarkable. Very well done!”

On behalf of the entire Agora Team, congratulations to Kurit Afsheen for becoming the Hero! 👏🎉

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