Make the world a kinder place: $500 prize money + $500 for the charity of the Hero’s choice.

As the new year and various cultural festivities approach, the Agora Team wants to spread the spirit of generosity that often grows at this time of year. In the spirit of giving back Agora will be launching #ChangeTheWorld2020 this Friday 13.12.19!

We believe companies have a responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place; we aim to do so through giving photographers the chance to make a considerable donation to a cause close to their hearts!

So let your humanitarian and activist sides shine through and read the Agora team’s best advice for your chance to become the next Agora Hero! 👇

Small things can make a big difference!

Changing the world may seem like an enormous feat but even the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference! In our day to day lives there are thousands of things we can do or witness that have positive impacts on our surroundings such as: recycling efforts, planting a tree, cleaning our local beach, helping a child with their homework or helping an elderly person with their bags or to cross the street. Be more perceptive of the small actions going on around you and be prepared to snap away!

Anciano con maceta en las manos by @jrrriverorbb, Spain
Get involved in the cleaning of the cities by @juanchisaavedra, Uruguay
¿Utopía? by @donaldobarros, Venezuela


The power behind your #ChangeTheWorld2020 submissions should be in the knowledge that what you have shot is real! Your shot should be emotive and impactful, something that posed and stock-type photos often lack. To achieve this make sure you’re aware of events for positive change going on near you and always be ready because rare and spontaneous moments can pass by in a heartbeat.

Pride walk by @prit28, India
Fight The Power by @wild_ndn, the USA
Peace One Day by @aungnaingsoe, the USA

Make your shots more dramatic editing your shots!

Play with the edition of your photo in order to accentuate and make the principal element of your photo stand out. Retouch the color to make elements pop, put the focus of your subject, blurring the background and put it in black and white to reduce noise and add extra meaning to your image!

Women’s march by @adidante, Indonesia
Climate Protest Sign by @tonyclark, the UK
Inspiration by @ra_fotopedia, Malaysia

🏆 Follow this advice and you could win:

  • $500 for yourself + $500 donation to a charitable organization of your choice
  • 100,000 ⭐️s
  • Feature on the Agora Review
  • Worldwide coverage of your winning photo through our social media and international press!

In addition, the Top 50 photographers will win:

  • 5 credits
  • 5,000 ⭐️s

There’s no time to waste! Put our tips to practise and start preparing your best photos to #ChangeTheWorld2020! 💪🌍

Questions for the Community:

What organization would you donate half of your Hero prize to if you were to win the contest? Why?