The Top 50 photos of #Landscape2019 are up!

50 of the world’s best landscapes have been brought together all in one place 🤩 Watch the video and head to the app and vote for who you want to win $1000!

Introducing the magnificent Top 50 of #Landscape2019 👇

A huge congratulations to all 50 photographers on behalf of the Agora team for getting this far you have won yourself  5 credits + 5,000 ⭐️s.

Next steps!

  • It’s now up to you and guest judge Hugo Healy to choose the Hero who will win $1000, 100,000 ⭐️s, and an exclusive blog post and video about their work on the Agora Review!
  • Check them all out carefully in the Contest section of the app and give stars to those you believe are worthy winners!

So have your say and star your favorite photos to boost their chances of success now! The Hero will thank you soon!

Agora is democratizing the world of photography; we can’t do it without your point of view!

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Questions for the community:

Which Top 50 photographer has got your vote? And why?

Let us know below 👇