Meet the Hero behind the photo!

The latest Agora Hero sure cooked us up a treat with his winning photo! See who won and discover the story behind his shot now! 🥖

Introducing Markellos Plakitsis (aka @markellos), our #Food2019 Hero from Greece whose stunning photo has him the Credits Jackpot + 100,000 ⭐️s!

“Hi Agora Community, my name is Markellos and I was born in Greece in 1975. I studied graphic design, direction, music composition. I work as a freelance photographer for greek and international companies on their campaigns. I direct and produce music videos and work as a photographer with dance companies and theaters in Athens Greece. 

Markellos – Our #Food2019 Hero!

My winning photo was shot in the beautiful Chios Island – Greece, in a traditional bakery in Volissos Village. Chios is a must place to visit for photography and highly recommended for vacations and cultural photography. I love capturing the beauty in the moments and the faces of the people who stand in front of my lens! I believe there is something special something in everyone – whether they are professional models or not or whether or not they believe they are beautiful, I try to capture everyone’s unique spark. My aim is to always a challenge see the positive side of everything and the people around me. I always give the best I’ve got. 

Markellos winning #Food2019 shot – Traditional bakery

Thank you Agora for giving me and all photographers around the world a chance to share our art and an extra motive to become better and better by challenging us with the contests! I am so glad to finally have become an Agora Hero after being in 8 Top 50’s and I hope it won’t be the last!”

The Contest hosts for #Food2019 have been Cara Cormack & Brendan Lownds of Plant & Plate

Cara & Brendan of Plant&Plate

We called upon food photographers and bloggers Cara Cormack & Brendan Lownds to lend the Community a hand with choosing the Hero! See what they had to say…

“We are a couple of food photographers from the North of England who run a plant-based blog focused on seasonal, delicious and low food waste recipes. It has been an honor to launch and judge this Contest and we want to say massive congratulations to the Hero. Find out our reasons behind why we chose this amazing photo now! “👇

Plant & Plate’s selection criteria: “We selected @markello’s shot as the winner of #Food2019 as we just love the use of moody lighting and shadows. This image is a fantastic example of storytelling in a candid shot. We really get a feel for how someone makes their food and although there isn’t much “food” in the shot per se, it is important to show behind the scenes and how a master of the crafts really work. Well done!”

On behalf of the entire AGORA Team, congratulations to Markellos for becoming the Hero! 👏🎉

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