Win the jackpot of Credits in our latest Contest launched by an Agora photographer

It’s time to add an extra sprinkle of #Happiness2019 to Agora this Friday 25.10.19 with our upcoming Contest to be launched by a previous Agora Hero!

See who it is and follow his exclusive advice to impress him now!๐Ÿ‘‡

“Hello everyone. My name is Le Van Vinh (@levanvinh), I’m from Pleiku, Gia Lai province, Vietnam. I am a retired teacher and have been practising photography for just over 2 years now. I love capturing simple daily moments as well as , nature shots.

I discovered Agora online and even after becoming the #Beauty2019 Heroam still so thrilled with all the opportunities it gives me to communicate with photography world. The rapid development of Agora over the last few months is definitely helping photographers like myself to have a more complete perspective on photography and will definitely help improve the quality of our images. I am very pleased to launch my own contest and invite you all to participate in #Happiness2019. Check out my best advice and make sure you upload your best photos on Friday to become a Hero like me. Good luck!”

Happiness in contagious!

Just like laughter, I believe happiness is also contagious. So by being in an upbeat and positive this is likely to reflect on your subjects. In addition my holding your device in a cheerful and relaxed manner your session just also be relaxed and flow easily portraying the desired emotion without forcing it!


Show depth of emotion!

Any one can take a picture of people smiling, what is harder to achieve is to tell the story behind the smile in the context of the photo. Make your submissions stand out by choosing an interesting setting which can reflect not just happiness but why they are happy!



Do not go into your shoot with a rigid idea of what you want to achieve. It is better to see where the day takes you and how your subjects react and what they would like to do. There are no rules in photography, create something unique.


๐Ÿ† Follow Le Van Vinh’s advice and you could win:

  • The Credits Jackpot – win the total sum of all the Credits used to participate in #Happiness2019 by other photographers! ๐Ÿ’ฐ
  • 100,000 โญ๏ธs
  • Feature on the Agora Review
  • Worldwide coverage of your winning photo through our social media

In addition, the Top 50 photographers will win:

  • 5 credits
  • 5,000 โญ๏ธs

Thereโ€™s no time to waste! Put Le Van Vinh’s tips to practise and start preparing your best photos of #Happiness2019 for this Friday! ๐Ÿ˜

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