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people worldwide

Agora’s values at the core of its new visual identity

Every point of view is important 

With its' origins in Ancient Greek democracy, Agora has evolved to be a place that empowers infinite points of view that shape the way we see today's world.

Over the past couple of years, Agora has transitioned from being a social photo market to a digital channel where people create, vote and curate the best images made worldwide. 

Every week, the universal concepts launched through Agora’s Hashtags such as #Women, #Peace or #Music, are being illustrated by thousands of creators who are sharing their best points of view on the concept. 

A new system has been generated, inviting the whole world to participate to the creative revolution: Agora is a global movement bringing the world closer together.

Agora showcases the creators at the forefront of its new visual identity, making them the key protagonists of an inclusive branding that is instantly recognisable yet so unique.

Made by everyone, made by you

A logo approachable and easy to read, thanks to a switch from all uppercase to all lowercase letters translates to a friendlier and more inclusive approach.

The rounded shapes of the typography matches the humanistic values of Agora.

Agora is a worldwide forum. Everyone is equally important and has an opinion that needs to be heard. That is why Agora is now represented by the shape of a circle.

The word "images" is removed in order to be more convenient to the brand's core mission.

Agora’s trademark, a circle that contains the best content created by people worldwide

The letter “O” has been substituted with a central circle that embraces everyone’s points of view. The brand story will grow and develop from there on.

Agora is the container, you are the content.

The circle becomes a blank canvas to showcase creators’ best content 

The best content from Agora’s Hashtag becomes integrated in the brand, taking over Agora’s logo for a determined length of time. 

A modular branding that can be adapted to support important moments of the year

The creator is the main protagonist of the show

Shedding the light on those who have gathered the people’s vote. The photos featured in the app icon will change often. When opening the app, the hidden photo will be revealed.

Building visibility

Empowering the creators and their best images by exposing them to the world.

Agora is built by everyone