Meet the Hero behind the photo!

It’s been a very #Colorful2019 couple of months here on AGORA, but now it’s time to find out who’s been crowned the champion of color! Meet our latest Hero now! ⬇️

Introducing Thijs Peters (aka @superthijs), our #Colorful2019 Hero from Germany whose brilliant photo has won him $1000 + 100,000 ⭐️s!

Get to know him now and discover how he took this incredible shot! 👇

“My name is Thijs Peters, I’m a 20 year old hobbyist photographer from Germany. I finished high school in 2017 and since then I have been traveling for the last 2 years, in fact today is my very last, as I write this I am finally heading home. I have been into photography for about 3 and a half years. Since then I’ve been photographing some of the most stunning landscapes and cities around the world! My work has been published in several magazines, blogs, galleries etc.. however at the moment still remains a hobby. This October I will be returning to education to study tourism economics.

Our #Colorful2019 Hero – Thijs Peters

I found out about Agora a couple of months ago, via Instagram, and since then I’ve participated in various contests and been part of the Top 50 3 times! I am really happy that I won #Colorful2019 and want to thank the community and AGORA team for choosing my photo!

With regards to winning shot, I took this it with my drone on while backpacking through Indonesia in April 2019. The shot shows the village/slum Jodipan which is located in the heart of the city Malang, Java. The living conditions where really bad in Jodipan Village and the government wanted to relocate the people who live there. To counteract this, some of the residents came up with the idea to paint the whole area in different colors to attract tourists. Given that the people still live there, it seems their plan was a success as they are making money from the tourism that arrives and their living conditions have improved (or so I’ve been told!).

Thijs’ winning shot – Malang

The guest judge for this Contest has been AGORA photographer Eliya Gyurkovska

#Colorful2019 Guest Judge Eliya Gyurkovska

We called upon Eliya Gyurkovska (aka @eliya78) AGORA Top 50 photographer to lend the Community a hand with choosing the Hero! See what she has to say about why she chose this winning photo! 👇

“Hello everybody. My name is Eliya and I am freelance fine art photographer from Bulgaria currently based in Asia. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been the guest judge for such an exciting contest and I’m now delighted for the Hero and to be able to share my thoughts on his winning photo!”

Guest Judge’s selection criteria: “I chose @superthijs’s photo as the winner mainly down to its fabulous composition which not only shows the village itself but also the context of the town, next to a river and main road. It is a photo you can spend a few minutes looking at and contemplating the story behind this unique place. The combination of bright colors obviously makes it a fitting winner for this theme and really make it an impacting photo, congratulations!”

On behalf of the entire AGORA Team, congratulations to Thijs Peters for becoming the Hero! 👏🎉

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