Meet the Hero behind the photo!

It’s been one hell of a #Summer2019, but all good things must come to end end! However this end also marks the new beginning of our latest winner as an eternal AGORA Hero! Meet him now👇

Introducing Cameron Aird
(aka @above_and_beyond_visuals), our #Summer2019 Hero from the UK whose beautiful photo has won him $1000 + 100,000 ⭐️s!

Get to know him now and discover the story behind this incredible shot! 👇

“My name is Cameron Aird, also know as @above_and_beyond_visuals (A&B Visuals) on AGORA and Instagram. I am 18 years old and I come from the little island of Jersey in the Channel Islands between the UK and France. I first started out as a photographer around 5 years ago when I was mesmerised by the visual world and knew I just had to purchase a camera of my own! It wasn’t until drones came about that I discovered an even bigger passion for photography! This was when I new that I wanted to take it my hobby a step further and create an instagram page, share my work and receive feedback and keep improving!

Then around 6 months ago I downloaded this incredible app – AGORA, which has helped me share my images on another level and with people all around the world. My journey so far with AGORA has helped me realise that I should have more confidence in myself and my creative and photographic capabilities given that my photos have been selected for the Top 50 4 times and now I’m a Hero! I also love how it challenges me to constantly try out new things and become a better photographer!

Our #Summer2019 Hero – Cameron Aird

The image which has won #Summer2019 was taken last year on the morning of a wedding where the groom and his friends went for an early morning paddle boarding session, his last moments as a free man! It just so happened that the sun was shining and I couldn’t help but capture the shadows they cast as they were walking up the beach. It’s interesting because this image was originally shot horizontally, however the shadows came out so nicely that by turning it sideways I was able to create a new look using the shadows as the prime subjects! I’m so amazed that I have won an AGORA Contest, I can’t thank you guys enough!”

Cameron’s winning #Summer2019 shot – Paddle Board Lovers

The guest judge for this Contest has been AGORA photographer David Carbonell

“We called upon David Carbonell (aka @david-ed-ziegler), 6 time AGORA Top 50 photographer to lend the Community a hand with choosing the Hero! See what he has to say about why he chose this winning photo! 👇

Guest Judge’s selection criteria: “I chose @above_and_beyond_visuals photo as the winner because it is a very elaborate shot with stupendous colours! The strong natural light source that hits the ground makes the orange colours of the sand seamlessly blend together giving it an abstract feel. The white and turquoise colors of the paddle boards cut the monotony of the sand’s color and stands out in the light. The interplay of the detailed shadows make the picture really striking and unique. And although we can understand that the people are moving fast the quality of the focus its very good! I love the angle of this shot and it reflects that the photographer has a very sharp eye, congratulations”

On behalf of the entire AGORA Team, congratulations to Cametron Aird for becoming the Hero! 👏🎉

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