Shoot in any weather condition, photograph objects, try out timelapses and more!

Whether you enjoy shooting tantalizing exotic dishes, tackling the great outdoors rain or shine, or are just a gadget geek 🤓, we’ve got an interesting camera accessory for you – on a budget.

  1. Emart Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent

Shoot objects, dishes, fashion accessories or small pets in this LED lit light box that comes with 4 backdrop colors. Set it up in a flash thanks to the snap button system and carry it anywhere by folding it up into briefcase. Comes with a mini smartphone tripod and USB port power cable.

2. Selens Universal Gels Lighting Filter Kit

Add a bit of color to your life! Create a magical atmosphere, change the color balance a photo or get an Andy Warhol vibe with these 20 filter that include color effects and color correction. The material’s thickness will allow you to get a good color saturation without overly reducing brightness.

3. FeiyuTech Motorized Monopod Head Rotater

This cool monopod motorized rotator allows you to take time lapses and panoramics with mirrorless cameras, GoPros and smartphones. Its maximum panning speed is of 360 degrees in 1 minute. The monopod comes with 6 time durations, ranging from 1 minute to 2 hours.

4. TOAZOE Leather Hand Grip Strap

The Toazoe hand grip is compatible with Sony, Canon and Nikon cameras. The padded grip provides extra comfort while in long hours of shoot and a more secure hold of your camera. The strap is adjustable to the size of your hand and made of non-slip material.

5. Mudder Rain Cover Camera Protector Rainproof

If you’re shooting and the weather suddenly changes to pouring rain, turn to Mudder’s rainproof camera protector. It fits medium to large cameras whether they’re on a tripod or hand-held via the two side sleeves. A transparent TPU window allows you to keep an eye on your screen.

Questions for the community:

Which accessory has caught your eye?

What other photography accessories are you interested in? 

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