Improve your photography skills with Froi Rivera

Mandela famously said that “#Education2019 is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and we believe your photos can change the world! That’s why for our latest Contest launched to be launched this Friday 06.09.19 by AGORA cares the Hero will not only win $500 but also get the opportunity to donate $500 to an educational organization!

Meet this year’s guest judge and discover their ultimate photography tips for winning this Contest and and get preparing to show us the power of education in your part of the world ! πŸ“πŸ‘‡

Froland Rivera – AGORA #Smile2019 Hero & #Education2019 Guest Judge

“Hi, my name is Froland Rivera, I am an architectural designer and self taught photo hobbyist from Manila, the Philippines.  I have been an art lover all my life, when I was younger I painted and sketched a lot which lead me down the path of photography.  I love doing travel and landscape photography, it provides me with a way of relaxing away from the busy world of city life. I live in a city where children happily play on the streets, and so they are often the subjects of my photo. Education plays a huge role in their lives like it does with all of us and often leads to very powerful photos and messages!

I found AGORA images in Google Play Store by simply searching for photography related apps. The AGORA community is really engaging with tons of great images and inspiration uploaded each day.  Being one of the Heroes (#Smile2019) is one of my greatest achievements to date which I will treasure all my life! If you want to follow in my footsteps and become an AGORA Hero take a look at my top 3 tips for shooting the winning shot of #Education2019! Good luck everyone πŸ€”

The more natural the better!

“Candid photos are always the best option for shooting great photos, giving the sense of capturing real moments, instead of a fully staged photo. For this, you must be prepared at all times to make the most of opportunities that arise around you! Humans are learning all the time, so you won’t be short of moments and inspiration.”


Tell a story!

“A photo that tells a strong story, whether it be of joy or hardship, can bring so much emotion. Try to caption these emotions in your shot and use them along with the context of your photo to tell the story of your subjects. Education is a journey for everyone on this planet, convey this journey in your submissions.”

Tech kids

Light and composition.

“Two of the most important elements in your photography are light and composition! Make sure you think them through thoroughly before and during taking your shots as they can really give impact to your photos and make them stand out. Education is not a massively common theme in photography giving you the perfect opportunity to be creative with your compositions and do something no one else has ever done!”

Tech helps

πŸ† Follow Froi’s advice and you could win:

  • $500 prize money
  • A $500 dollar donation to an educational organization in your name!
  • 100,000 ⭐️s
  • Feature on the AGORA Review
  • Worldwide coverage of your winning photo through our social media

In addition, the Top 50 photographers will win:

  • 5 credits
  • 5,000 ⭐️s

There’s no time to waste! Put Froi’s tips to practise and start preparing your best #Education2019 photos for this Friday! πŸ“š

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