Celebrating the best photos of the year this World Photography Day!

This World Photography day we’re celebrating the world’s best photos of 2019 so far! Take a look back at the 32 Hero photos of our this year’s Contests! 📸🌎

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#Fashion2018/19 Hero @axelord from Lithuania

#Eyes2018/19 Hero @eighthman from Ghana

#Urban2018/19 Hero @photollarena from Spain

#Freedom2018/19 Hero @saga-engine-media from Germany

#Health2018/19 Hero @bynicoruiz from Spain

#ChangeTheWorld2019 Hero @pranab_basak from India

#Friends2018/19 Hero @yudybento from Indonesia

#Technology2018/19 Hero @hansraj_raj from India

#Winter2018/19 Hero by @the.rolling.drone from Austria

Tradition and celebration

#Celebration2018/19 Hero @carlesalonsophotography from Spain

Dancing with lights

#NightLight2019 Hero @giannilhess from Malta

Cool Mist

#Cool2019 Hero from @victorvieaux, France

All is love

#Peace2019 Hero by @iquanvision from the USA

Diver and Guggenheim

#Sport2019 Hero @ajuriaguerra from Spain

Wild Leopard

#Animals2019 Hero @travvell from Sweden

Bear’s love

#Kiss2019 Hero @saavedraphotography from Spain

Jump 2.0

#Speed2019 Hero @ajuriaguerra from Spain

Symmetry Living

#Architecture2019 Hero @thedronelad from Poland

Calling it a day

#Silhouettes2019 Hero @sherwinreyes.photo from Indonesia

Thinker eyes

#BlackAndWhite2019 Hero @fawadmalick from Pakistan

Spring to create

#Spring2019 Hero @franciscopaez from Argentina

Eternal love

#Portraits2019 Hero @zayyarlin from Myanmar

Ray of Light – Tea Plants

#Green2019 Hero @chariel from Indonesia

The king of the Arctic

#Reflections2019 Hero @uglefisk from Norway

Gould’s Sunbird

#Beauty2019 Hero @levanvinh from Vietnam


#Hope2019 Hero @kike_p73 from Spain

Harvesting red chilies

#Work2019 Hero @azimronnie from Bangladesh

The sun setting down, it’s time to find a shelter to rest for a night

#RoadTrip2019 Hero @anyisafrom Indonesia

Yellow drone shot

#Yellow2019 Hero @charliieb from Monaco

Street Lights in Barcelona

#Light2019 Hero @henrydo from the USA

Indonesia’s largest waterfall located deep in the jungle with a backdrop of Semeru volcano

#Aerial2019 Hero @hugohealy from the UK


#Fun2019 Hero @zawzawkaungsan355 from Myanmar

Once again a massive Happy World Photography Day to our entire global Community and a huge thanks for sharing your unique points of view with us! 🙏

AGORA is built by all of us – power to the creative revolution!

Questions for the Community:

Which of the current 2019 Hero photos is your favorite and why? Tell us below 👇