Meet the women who work at AGORA!

#Women2019 has just launched for the first time ever on AGORA and so we wanted to introduce you to the female members of the AGORA Team!

Find out what being a woman means to them and be inspired to capture women in all their glory for our latest Contest! šŸ‘‡

Cristina Pelarda, Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

A challenge and privilege

“I am Cristina Pelarda and since I was a child I have been educated on equality and respect. There have been no limits put on my abilities nor my dreams, and the words “I can’t” do not exist in my vocabulary! I’m not the weaker sex, I am a fighter, a warrior, an entrepreneur and I have no fears. Being a woman is empowerment, we are capable of anything, we overcome obstacles and we get up every time we fall. I am unique, independent and I don’t care if I don’t meet the expectations imposed on me by our society. I am happy and being a woman is my greatest challenge and an enormous privilege.”

Mariona Royo, Chief Wellbeing Officer (CWO)

Infinite love

“For me being a woman is belonging to the age-old network of women from all over the world. Those who are, those who were and those who will be. Being part of the feminine side of the history of humanity is a privilege and fills my existence with power and meaning. We are creators!”

Sidonie Geisweiller, Marketing Manager

Resilience & perseverance

“My name is Sidonie and I coordinate the marketing team in AGORA, a department composed of original, creative, intelligent and funny women who take pride in the work they do. They help each other in their daily activities and have created an environment in which everyone can communicate in an empathetic and respectful way. In my experience, women can have a natural talent in bringing out the best in other women! The strength I find in other women is what inspires me to always want to move forward.”

Ariadna MonleĆ³n, Audiovisual Content Manager

Endless strength

“I’m Ariadna MonleĆ³n, head of AGORA’s Audiovisual Department. The audiovisual industry has always been a sector mostly run by men, and while it is true that more and more women are participating in it, the gender gap is still significant. Working to reduce this gap is one of my greatest and most rewarding challenges. Creativity always! There are so many different types of women that it is almost impossible to give a definition that encompasses all of us, but I do know what unites us: strength.”

Taya Dixon, Community Manager

Valuable and capable

“My name is Taya, I am AGORA’s Community Manager. While society may at times put its odds against us women are capable of anything we want to achieve, making us one of the toughest species out there. Above all, I believe being a woman 2019 is exciting and empowering, despite the ever-changing and surmounting challenges we face, never have we had some much inspiration to be who we want and do what we want. Being part of such a united and passionate (all female) marketing team is a huge privilege and I feel very proud to be involved in and contributing to the growth of AGORA.”

Maria MagaƱa, Customer Support Manager

Independent and courageous

“I am MarĆ­a and I mananage AGORA’s Customer Support department. To me being a women means being brave, always overcoming difficulties and obstacles, and to fight to have our voices heard and respected. I also believe being a woman is being independent because we make our own decision and define ourselves.”

Isabel Brufau MartĆ­nez, HR Specialist

Powerful and brave

“I am Isabel, HR Specialist at AGORA images. I am proud of being a woman, moreover I feel lucky to be a woman. For me, being a woman not only represents the power and braveness to fight for what I want to achieve, but also all the social skills that allow me to understand people, be emphatic and most important, help my loved ones and anyone around me who may need it.”

Jacqueline Benavides Campos, Senior Accountant

Responsibility and solidarity

“Being a woman is the wonder and divine perfection of humanity. It means security, perseverance and determination. Her greatness is the loyalty of her heart and the humility of her soul. She’s not afraid to make mistakes. Without a doubt, every woman is a mystery and with the passing of time and their daily struggle, they are empowered.”

ChloƩ Garlaschi, PR & Content Manager

Inspiring and resilient

“I’m ChloĆ©, PR & Content Manager @ AGORA. To me, being a woman means growing up within a narrow set of boundaries and being strong when the world doesn’t expect you to. I believe that today, feminism is more needed than ever in order to respect our basic human rights, leave this patriarchal model of society once and for all and build a safer, more inclusive world for future generations. Society as a whole must change if we are to reach equality.”

Elaine Fang, Marketing Intern

Independent and empathetic

“I am Elaine, the marketing intern at AGORA. When I think about the word woman, I think about my mother who is an independent and diligent businesswoman and also a compassionate and selfless mother. Sheā€™s taught me the importance of continuously challenging myself and being empathetic towards others. Being a woman means working against societal stereotypes that may limit opportunities and persevering to prove those who doubted you wrong. It means standing your ground but also being empathetic towards others.”

Power to AGORA, power to #Women2019!

How would you define what it means to be a woman in 2 words?

Who are the inspiring women in your life and why?

#Women2019 is officially open for submissions, show us the amazing women from your part of the world now!