Official AGORA Awards 2019 ambassador Manel and his take on photography!

Meet our latest Ambassador for the #AGORAawards2019 Manel Subirats, aka @msubirats, 3 time Top 50 photographer!

We interviewed him to find out about his journey with AGORA and why he encourages everyone to participate in The Awards! 👇

Manel Subirats – #AGORAawards2019 ambassador

“My name is Manel Subirats, I have professionally been engaged in photojournalism for more than 20 years. I am currently working in photojournalism and I also collaborate with commercial brands and tourist entities from different countries via my social media accounts and blog.”

What does photography mean to you?

“Photography is both, my work and my passion. I use photos to express myself and show the world that surrounds me, through small instants captured in time.”

Lake House

How did you discover AGORA? What do you think of our mission?

“I heard about AGORA from some photographer friends. I joined because I believe it is a place where high quality photography and a great sense of Community can be found. One of the things I like the most about AGORA are its Contests. They help me to become a better photographer, challenging me every week to get a good picture. And the biggest of all, the #AGORAawards2019 is an incredible challenge for the whole community, so I wish good luck to all the participants!”

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What about the Awards do you find exciting? Why would you invite photography lovers to join the AGORA community?

“I invite all photography lovers around the world to be part of AGORA, mainly because of the way they care for the whole community. The best part about the #AGORAawards2019 is that anyone can win. So, stop thinking about it and show your work to the world, maybe the grand prize is waiting for you and you’ll become the ultimate Hero of the year!”

Lavender dreams

Check out Manel’s profile on AGORA and the other AGORA Awards’ Ambassadors to get inspired by some of the best photographers in our Community!

There’s just 3 weeks left to prepare and upload your best photos for the chance to become the ultimate AGORA Hero of 2019 and win $25,000! 🤑

Questions for the Community:

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