Meet the Hero behind the photo!

#Beauty2019 may be over but one beautiful image in particular will leave on as the Hero forever! Check out the photo and the photographer and story behind it now 👇

Introducing Le Van Vinh (aka @levanvinh), our #Beauty2019 Hero from Vietnam, whose incredible photo has won him $1,000 + 100,000 ⭐️s!

Meet him personally & see the other incredible bird photography of his in his video below! 👇

“Hello everyone, my name is Le Van Vinh, from Pleiku, Gia Lai province, Vietnam. I am a retired teacher and have been enjoying photography for the last 2 years. I use a Canon camera with 16-35mm, 85mm, 70-200mm, 400mm lenses as well as photoshop CC to edit my photos in pst-production.
I am interested in capturing daily moments, nature and bird photography.
I shot my winning photo this Spring 2019 in Kontum province, Viet Nam!

Le Van Vinh – #Beauty2019 Hero

I discovered AGORA on the internet and I was very interested in it straight away as it gives me so many opportunities to connect and communicate with others in the photography world. I have already recommended it to many of my friends.

I will put my $1000 prize money towards some trips for me to get to know and understand my country even more. Thanks AGORA, thanks all my dear AGORA friends.”

Le van Vinh’s winning #Beauty2019 shot – Gould’s Sunbird

The guest judge for this Contest has been photographer Victor de Valles

We called upon Victor de Valles (@victordevalles), last year’s Hero, to lend the Community a hand with choosing his successor!

Guest Judge’s selection criteria: “I chose @levanvinh’s picture for first place for the difficulty of the shot and the great result! I love the composition, the colors, and all the elements. He has captured a truly beautiful moment. In my opinion, is the photo that mostly accurately fits with the subject of the contest. Congratulations!”

On behalf of the entire AGORA Team, congratulations to Le Van Vinh for becoming the Hero! 👏🎉

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