Advance your mobile photography skills now!

Our last post on smartphone camera accessories got such great feedback that we’ve decided to share with you 3 more accessories that we believe are a must buy this Summer and are sure to get you experimenting, whether you’re a newbie or experienced smartphone photographer!

Check them out and make sure you let us know of other products you’re interested in knowing more about in the comments below! 👇

1.Portable charger

This may sound like an obvious one, but many people do forget to keep their phones charged up and ultimately miss out on great photo opportunities! A portable charger can be a lifesaver especially when out travelling to remote places for those beautiful landscape shots.

We love the Anker PowerCore II 20000, packed to the brim with days of power coming with a handy travel pouch and welcome guide!

2. Instant portable printer

Have you ever wanted to print out a great photo you’ve just taken directly from your phone? Instant portable phone printers, like the HP Sprocket, do exactly that by connecting via Bluetooth to your phone and printing out your desired images from your camera roll or social media accounts. Most instant printers like this one print out 2 by 3 inch photos great for sharing with your friends and decorating at home. One advantage of using instant printers rather than a polaroid camera is that they allow you to edit your photos before you print them!

3. Underwater SmartPhone cases

Perhaps one of the greatest difficulties when it comes to photography, is that our cameras and smartphones are not made for the water. While some more recent models are waterproof, few can dive far beneath the waves. This is a great shame, because underwater photography can be amazing and sure to get attention in our currently open #Summer2019 Contest as well as exciting new Contests to come later this year! While there are many great cases such as the Pelican Marine Case or the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact, the Vanksy Dry Bag is a clear winner when it comes to waterproof depth capacity and being apt for any smartphone device! It even floats, so your phone cannot sink to the ocean floor!

So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present, buy your favorite(s) now and take your SmartPhone photography to the next level! Amazing photos and Contests to participate in await!

Not a fan of mobile photography? No problem! Take a look at our some of our previous accessory posts about camera lenses and filters to make mind blowing photos with your digital camera!

Questions for the community:

Which accessory has caught your eye?

What other photography accessories are you interested in?

Let us know and we’ll feature them on our next accessories post! 👇