Meet the Hero behind the photo!

#Reflections2019 has officially ended and we’re happy to reveal the latest addition to the AGORA family of Heroes! Meet him now 👇

Introducing Paal Uglefisk Lund (aka @uglefisk), our #Reflections2019 Hero from Norway, whose incredible photo has won him $1,000 + 100,000 ⭐️s!

Meet him personally & see the incredible footage of where he took this shot in his video! 👇

Paal’s winning #Reflections2019 shot – The king of the Arctic

“I’m Paal from Norway. I’ve been a nature photographer for the last 10 years. I specialized in the remote Arctic on an island called Svalbard. There I’ve been doing photography expeditions focused on Polar Bears and glaciers.  I’m also obsessed with climbing mountains and taking photos from high up. I love travelling and exploring the world, but you will never find me in warm places or on the beach. Mountains and cold places are what intrigue me the most! I was so so thrilled when I received the news about winning #Reflections2019 and hope my photo can inspire other photographers around the world!”

#Reflections2019 Hero Paal Uglefisk Lund

The guest judge for this Contest has been photographer Pascal Biomez

#Reflections2018 Hero & Guest Judge Pascal Biomez

We called upon Pascal Biomez (@pascalpbz), last year’s Hero, to lend the Community a hand with choosing his successor!

“My name is Pascal Biomez, I’m from La Crique, France and have been a photographer for 4 years. I’ve been part of the AGORA Community for over a year now and love their Contests and the quality of the submissions! They really help you leave your comfort zone and work on others topics you might have otherwise never tried.”

Guest Judge’s selection criteria: “I chose @uglefisk’s photo for its composition and the quality of the reflection of this moving bear. This shot really impacted me given that this animal is in the process of extinction highlighted the melting ice around it, however the blood around it’s mouth symbolises the fight for survival! Congratulations for this beautiful photo!!

On behalf of the entire AGORA Team, congratulations to Paal Uglefisk Lund for becoming the Hero! 👏🎉

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