Official AGORA Awards 2019 ambassador Suratman and his take on photography!

Meet our latest Ambassador for the #AGORAawards2019 Suratman Alimuddin, aka @larakuti, 5 time Top 50 photographer & AGORA Hero!

We interviewed him to find out about his journey with AGORA and why he encourages everyone to participate in The Awards! 👇

Suratman Alimuddin – AGORA Top 50 Photographer and #Adventure2018 Hero!

“I am Suratman Alimuddin, a travel photographer based in Makassar, Indonesia. I got interested in photography when I was studying in the Department of Political Science at Hasanuddin University in 2011. At this time I intended to buy a camera using funds from a scholarship that I got. After one year holding the camera I felt that I was the greatest photographer on campus, however my confidence was quickly knocked after becoming part of a photography group and seeing the quantity of great photographers.

What I learned there is how to make good photos with beautiful compositions and tell stories! Following my development of basic knowledge about photography, I tried my luck and honed in on my skills by participating in various types of photography competitions. 2016 was the moment I won a photography competition with a pretty good prize for the first time. Since this moment I have continued to develop my skills and continue to compete. The main reason I love to compete is not because of the prize but rather to measure my own abilities and to carry on striving for improvement. It also encourages me to shoot more, not only in Indonesia, but maybe someday I can travel the world and capture its beauty.

Morning vibe

I work as a freelance travel photographer, fully supported by Fujifilm – Makassar Branch and Instax Indonesia photography equipment. When having to choose between work opportunities, I always choose the job that allows me to explore new places, even when a small cost on my part is involved. You only live once and therefore I believe that while we are still alive we should take every opportunity we are presented with to see the beauty of the world and all of its unique differences!”

What does photography mean to you?

“Photography for me is a connecting ticket to go anywhere and meet anyone. Through photography I find it easier to communicate with and meet new people. Photography is also a means of seeing new places, unique cultures, and different habits. The one thing that never changes is the same is a warm smile you receive in each new place. Photography not only connects me to a small circle, between myself and my subjects, but also with a much larger circle, between me and everyone who sees my work. Photography has given me the opportunity to share with the world what I see on all of my trips. Other people’s photography allows me to get to know our wider world, a world that I have not seen directly – it’s like a miracle!”

Morning breeze

How did you discover AGORA? What do you think of our mission?

“I learned about AGORA through Ranar Pradipto (@ranarpradiptoindonesia) in mid-2018. At this time I accompanied him to explore the beauty of the Bulukumba District which was the center of the Phinisi ship constructing industry. Ranar Pradipto is a successful travel photographer who produces beautiful photographs. At that time I wondered how to make a living with my photography. One solution I found was to take part in an international photo Contests on AGORA.

As soon as I heard about it I immediately downloaded the app (which has improved so much since then) and immediately participated in one of their Contests. The theme of this Contest was #Adventure2018 and I definitely didn’t expect to become the Hero and win $500, but somehow I did! I didn’t and still don’t believe that my work is as beautiful photo as that of the other Top 50 photographer. But you could say that it is the most different. In fact, this is one of the things I love most about AGORA – I believe that AGORA is more concerned with the photographer’s unique perspective of interpreting the theme and therefore we find ‘non-mainstream’ style photos as the winner of their Contests. I see that there are souls living in every winning photo. In addition, I still find myself excited to take part AGORA’s photo Contest. Hopefully someday I can connect more friends of photographers around the world and get to know their reality through their work.

Suratman’s winning #Adventure2018 photo – Phinisi and the star

What about the Awards do you find exciting? Why would you invite photography lovers to join the AGORA community?

The AGORA awards Contest is a free opportunity to become AGORA’s best photographer of the year. Winning will make your work know to the world and will make those around you proud! It is an amazing opportunity to prove that your point of view is unique and worthy of recognition. I am real proof that anybody can make it on AGORA.

The most important thing for me is to connect with the AGORA Team and all their photographers when possible and enjoy the whole experience, you will get so much out of it and be surprised by how much you can relate to people! I want to wish lots of luck to all of my Indonesian friends around the Nusantara, we have so much beautiful culture and nature to show. I hope to see one of us as the winner!

Sungai Pute

Check out Suratman’s profile on AGORA and the other AGORA Awards’ Ambassadors to get inspired by some of the best photographers in our Community!

There’s still time to prepare and upload your best photos for the chance to become the ultimate AGORA Hero of 2019 and win $25,000! 🤑

But remember, the longer your photos are participating the longer they have to get ⭐️s & be noticed!

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